Brilliant thing to try with a plastic banknote
Brilliant thing to try with a plastic banknote

Here in the UK, we've recently had a wave of new fivers enter circulation. Five pound notes have been the same forever, really, and this is our first ever plastic note, so this is a big deal for us! They even have little windows in them! Some people are photographing them and putting them on social media. Others are finding misprints on them and flogging them for loads of money. They're sleek and futuristic, and next to your rumpled paper cash, they stand out in your wallet like an exotic exchange student. Trust me, it's all very exciting.

So imagine my delight when I heard a rumour that people are using them to play music! 

This fella Michael Ridge has cracked it. (How on Earth do you discover something like that?!) What do you think? Try it, and let me know what happens!