Incredible music video shot in 23 seconds
Incredible music video shot in 23 seconds

As a magician, I love OK Go videos. They have a kind of showman sensibility about them, often involving illusions of one kind or another, and are always so colourful, fun and creative. Remember their aeroplane one, that was a bit like an early version of the mannequin challenge?

Well, they've gone a step further in their latest film, which involves paint and water bombs bursting, guitars exploding and flip-book animations. It's all over in a big, wet, colourful flash, in just 23 seconds.

The film runs 4 seconds filmed in slo-mo followed by 16 seconds at normal speed and finishing with 3 seconds of slo-mo again. 

Magic touch or wet behind the ears – what do you think? 

(Here's how they made it)