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Ali Cook Magician

Ali Cook is a historian of deception. He's a sleight of hand expert, a street magician, escapologist, stage illusionist and performer of thought control.

"As well as escapology, Cook does jaw-dropping Derren Brown-style mind-reading feats, fabulously dextrous close-up magic, gruesome gross-out pranks and magic tricks the like of which you've never seen before" Steve Bennett, Chortle.

He has written and starred in seven British television series including 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (ITV1) 'Dirty Tricks' (Channel 4) and 'Monkey Magic '(Five), both nominated for the British Comedy Awards & the Golden Rose of Montreux, 'Psychic Secrets Revealed' with Derren Brown (Five), The Secret World of Magic (Sky One) & 'the Jerry @ Trick show' with Jerry Sadowitz (Five).

Ali Cook's anarchic mix of comedy and magic has made him a headliner on the UK comedy circuit and he performs at celebrity events for the likes of JK Rowling and Damien Hirst. For more information click here

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Find out what people are really thinking!


Find out what people are really thinking!

I remember a show came out a few years ago about a policeman who could solve crimes because he had the ability to detect 'micro expressions'. He would film criminals being interrogated, then watch …


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What are people really thinking?


RT @taperjeanlea: Just watched The Boy with a Camera For a Face from last night. Excellent piece of work @thespencerbrown @ali_cook


Incredible technique for memorising cards. It's not a trick.


The short film I produced with @thespencerbrown is on Channel 4 12am Tue 22nd July: … Trailer: