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Ali Cook Magician

Ali Cook is a historian of deception. He's a sleight of hand expert, a street magician, escapologist, stage illusionist and performer of thought control.

"As well as escapology, Cook does jaw-dropping Derren Brown-style mind-reading feats, fabulously dextrous close-up magic, gruesome gross-out pranks and magic tricks the like of which you've never seen before" Steve Bennett, Chortle.

He has written and starred in seven British television series including 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (ITV1) 'Dirty Tricks' (Channel 4) and 'Monkey Magic '(Five), both nominated for the British Comedy Awards & the Golden Rose of Montreux, 'Psychic Secrets Revealed' with Derren Brown (Five), The Secret World of Magic (Sky One) & 'the Jerry @ Trick show' with Jerry Sadowitz (Five).

Ali Cook's anarchic mix of comedy and magic has made him a headliner on the UK comedy circuit and he performs at celebrity events for the likes of JK Rowling and Damien Hirst. For more information click here

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If you look like your parents, you have to see these portraits


If you look like your parents, you have to see these portraits

Do people always say you look like your mum or dad? Or maybe you have a strong family resemblance with a sibling? Ever wondered just how strong? I love these 'genetic portraits' by Quebec-based …


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RT @BluffersGuide: In Norway, 'Mr Bump' is called "Herr Dumpidump." #WorldBookDay


So what colour is that dress? Illusion explained:


If a magician's repertoire is really supposed to reflect the performer's personality; I should be performing the colour changing plumes.


These photos will confuse your brain::